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TRANSHUMANCE - Migration of the sheep in Val Senales 2023


The people of the Schnals valley are very attached to their country and to their old traditions and one of the most spectacular of these is the migratory procession of thousands of sheep which takes place twice a year.

For hundrets of years now, flocks of something like 3,700 sheep and 300 goats from the Vinschgau and Schnals valley have climbed up over the 2,857 mt. high Hochjoch and the 3,019 mt. Niederjoch in June to reach the high alpine pastures of the Venter valley in nearby Austria which have been owned by Schnals valley farmers for centuries.
Shepherds, drovers and sheep dogs accompany the animals on their two-day march over 44 km. up to an altidude of some 3,200 metres and then down 1,800 mt. on the other side, crossing numerous snow-fields, rocky outdrops, steep slopes and slippery ice on the Alpenhauptkamm.

10th june 2023 Migration of the sheeps from Maso Corto to Austria.

9th september 2023 they come back from Similaun to Vernago
10th september 2023 they come back from Vent in Austria to Maso Corto in Schnalstal with traditional party

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